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A home from home for your dog. Montgomery County and Main Line PA

Our dog sitters at Dog Boarding With A Family are all experienced through working within rescue facilities,veterinary practices,grooming shops, obedience training or are dog owners. Your dog will receive in home care with a family day and night. 

Dog Boarding With A Family provides your dog a family and a home when you are away. A loving family to live with, and sleep with. Yards are fenced.  
 "Normally I leave my dog with my parents...but when they were also on vacation, he had a chance to visit Dog Boarding With A Family. 

The owner Julie is absolutely wonderful. In the past when I left at the other places, when I'd return, my dog would come running back to 

me. This time however; he gave me a look- why did you come so soon? He loves boarding with a family. There is no missing mama!"

Tel: 610  616  5510