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Choose us because we provide a family for your best friend

We maintain professional and skilled care for your dog all day & all night

We are a dedicated group of dog sitters - No last minute let downs

Your dog will receive the attention and love they are used to

You will have absolute piece of mind while you are away

Your dog will return eagerly back to us again next time


- Try us and see!

Visit your new pet sitter today

Julie Adams Boarding Coordinator


Why choose us?

Julie Adams Boarding coordinator

Professional families.  Fenced yards.  Special diets.  Personal care.   24/7 care.  Diabetes care.       Medicine administration.     Pools.     Insured & bonded.     Drop & pick ups  7 days /week. 


Try our  Board & Train program while you are away

  • I have great understanding for animals and dogs, a veterinary education and devote my time to giving and overseeing the best dog boarding service in and around the Main Line.
  • Don't take your dog to a kennel when you are away. Bring them to the comfort and care of one of our host families 
  • Dogs must have never harmed another dog, pet or human and need to be orderly and obedient. 

Our dog sitters know:

How dependent dogs are on us, and how connected we are to our dogs.

How affectionate your dog is, and that he always misses you when you are gone - even for 5 minutes.

How your dog looks at your eyes when you talk to him.

That the most important thing for your dog is that you're together.

Doggies relaxing
Julie Adams with doggies in Bryn Mawr
Doodle in safe fenced yard

"We have been extremely grateful for the care and consideration our 13 year-old dog, Opel, has received. The homes Opel has stayed in have been compassionate and understanding of the demands of an older dog. Even on short notice, we have never, in 3 years, been told we cant find a home by Julie for as many nights as necessary. THANKS JULIE. IT'S GREAT TO HAVE PEACE-OF-MIND WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR PET BEHIND".

"For me, today held probably the easiest and most heartfelt experience that... I've ever had. Julie you are patient, and empathetic - really! Nancy is knowledgable, experienced, kind and realistic!"

"The owner Julie is absolutely wonderful. And in the past when I left my dog at other places, when I'd return, my dog would come running back to me. This time however; he gave me a look- why did you come so soon? He loves Boarding with A family. There is no missing mama!"

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